Meet the founders

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We are Côme and Ben, two childhood friends bonded by our passion for vintage clothing. Our journey began when we found ourselves predominantly dressed in second-hand treasures, sourced from various Brussels boutiques and international online gems. 

Surprisingly, Belgium lacked the online vintage platform we envisioned, fueling our determination to launch Nectar Vintage Brussels in June 2018. From that pivotal moment, our mission has been to curate and present the finest vintage pieces for you. 

While our extensive collection is available in our store (located in Brussels), we also drop online gems every week on our website. We love to connect with our community through pop-up stores and renowned events like Brussels Vintage Market or Green in-Town. 

In recognizing the environmental impact of the textile industry, we see Nectar as more than just a store. It's a community, a statement against the fashion overconsumption cycle ♻️

We believe in proving that one can embrace trendiness while contributing to a sustainable future by giving clothes a second life. 

In these years, our journey has evolved. Ben has decided to pursue new adventures, leaving behind his imprint on the Nectar story. 

Keep the good juice, Côme & the Nectar Team

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Juicy Team 

Our team is also made up of Octavian (Côme's brother) as administrator, Constance with her fairy hands who looks after the upcycling of our vintage pieces that deserve a second life and finally, Régis who manages the shop in Brussels. 

Meet The Founders
Meet The Founders
Meet The Founders