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Upcycled Stay Juicy Bob

Upcycled Stay Juicy Bob

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Stay Juicy Upcycled Bob Collection

Upcycled Elegance, Sustainability Redefined

Introducing our exclusive "Stay Juicy" bob collection - a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation. Crafted meticulously over a year, each bob in this collection is a harmonious blend of creativity and conscious fashion.

Why Stay Juicy Bobs?

♻️ Upcycled Design: We take pride in turning stained or damaged second-hand jeans into stylish bobs. It's not just fashion; it's a statement for a greener world.

🤘🏼Unique Charm: Embrace individuality with bobs that are as distinctive as you are. Each piece boasts its own personality, so yours won't look exactly like the photos.

👖Vintage Levis Jeans: We've repurposed vintage Levis jeans to create these bobs, adding a touch of iconic fashion history to your style.

Choose from four timeless colors: Light Jeans - Jeans - Grey Jeans or Black. 

Choose your size: Small - Medium - Large 

Please Note: As these bobs are created from upcycled materials, variations in appearance are part of their charm. Each bob is as unique as you.

With "Stay Juicy" bobs, you're not just accessorizing; you're making a statement for a world where fashion and sustainability unite. Embrace the unique, wear the eco-friendly, and redefine style with purpose.

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